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TB300 - TROPIC Fireworks, Fajerwerki, Feuerwerk, Vuurwerk, Feu d'artifice

TB300 - battery 87 shots
edy213 : bad video beacause its zoom in

TB300 COMBY - The only Chipper/Shredder in the world to reduce Palm Leaves into powder.

The new " TB 300 COMBY " Chipper / Shredder is a unique of its kind. As the video shows it cuts and shred in very small pieces any type of palm leaves. The first need of this shred green product has been successfully used to feed Camels, Goats and Cows on middle east countries as addittive to the usual fodder. Second use of the Palm Leaves powder is to get rid of those waste palm leaves reducing thir volumes of 80% getting good compost for new plants growing. For more information please send e-mail to peruzzo@peruzzo.it
PERUZZO SRL : The TB 300 COMBY has got a CE safety bar which stops the hydraulic rollers in case of clothes are drag with branches and if the bar is pusched as per usual European safety norms the hydraulic rollers push product our immediately.
Josh Diaz : OOOOO MY GOSH!! You my friend are going to be a very wealthy man
PERUZZO SRL : Up to now we did not find a competitor manufacturing a shredder that reduce palm leaves into powder.
PERUZZO SRL : I know that at the moment we are the only manufacturing company that produce a palm shredder with nr.2 grinding groups and final interchangeable holes screen to reduce palm chips at cutomer desired size.
Joshua Diaz : Who is the competitor manufacture

Techniice Army Style Toolboxes - TB 300




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