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Expire, "Abyss" OFFICIAL VIDEO

New video for "Abyss" off of Expire's Bridge Nine debut album, Pendulum Swings. Available now at www.B9Store.com.
K Tierney : Expire are rapists, pass it on.
K Tierney : Expire are rapists, pass it on.
Desi Thug : why did they expire???
Cash Checks : Midwest hardcore scene misses you. Very few bands holding it down anymore
Robert Gilbert : I knew my wife was the one when she sang me this to me
Toast Malone : So fucken sick
Louis ii : This song rages through my veins .
Louis ii : These guys are rowdy but now 2005 fsu rowdy ! Tucson hxc save the scene. !
svoboda simon : younger crowd should pay huge respect to a band such as Sick of It All which deliver great passinate hc with super lyrics since 33 years. then also follow other bands but pay respect to the masters. love hc but prefer anyway punk crowd punk rock or crust or whatever. sorry this space front stage where people just slam arms and legs its nonsense.no unity no solidarity. just balancing vioently arms by yourself and often against someone else. saw sick of it all in berlin was awesome crowd was great and no stop dancing and stage diving. no space left with idiots .
the blood in the water : I miss you expire please come back we love you KCHC


Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Expire · Sir Charles Jones

Portrait of a Balladeer

℗ 2014 Endzone Entertainment

Released on: 2014-05-09

Auto-generated by YouTube.
Kenneth Lassiter : My love dnt expire but dnt tke me fr granite frfr and my shit b unconditional
Casey Rackins : This song a have you appreciating a good woman
Sanika PoeticJustice : ❤❤❤❤
msgucci103 : The entire album slaps but this my jam right here!!
cheviss bennett : The Bomb
Beverly Johnson : ("MY KINDA MUSIC!")
Shreese Chambers : Love this!

EXPIRE - Pendulum Swings 2012 [FULL ALBUM]

Artista: Expire
Album: Pendulum Swings
Año: 2012



01 Just Fine 00:00
02 Reputation 01:45
03 Spit Out 03:19
04 Dig Deep 05:24
05 Anxiety 07:24
06 Abyss 09:11
07 Bark 11:08
08 Sleep Lost 13:04
09 Pills And A Promise 14:49
10 YDN 16:52
11 Focus 18:27
12 Pendulum Swings 20:05
Itsok Tocry : this band saved my life
Daniel Lewis : battery meets madball in the pit ...with a pinch of soia
biero : cele skycream geña total
Frozen Summer : Love love love this album
Brick's Toilet Store : Damn I am late to this party!
vadermask//mass retaliation : Hardcore.
Fabian Illanes : great!
tragischen angst : expire forever
suicide27survivor : Great Band! I follow you here on YouTube an Spotify.
山形のゆうちゃん : awesome &great




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