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Hello guys,
Those of you who know me know that besides high heels I also love wearing tights, stockings, hosier generally.

Today I’m going to show you how to style 5 different types of tights with the heels from my collection.

Tights are a staple for the chill days. There are tights in different patterns and styles. Of course I would always recommend to stick to the elegant and feminine type of tights.
What I personally prefer is black or nude classy seamed tights, but of course I have many other styles in my wardrobe.
Today we will focus mainly on the black tights in different patterns.

1) Fishnets style
My first style is with fishnets. Fishnets tend to have a weird reputation for some reason and it could not be easy to style them the way they look elegant.
I’m combining them with leather and my Casadei Blade Heels. This outfit has this this edgy vibe and if I have to choose one word to describe it, it would be ROCK and ROLL.

2) Classy tights with black seam line
Seamed Tights or Vintage Tights get that classic look that never goes out of fashion. All hosiery used to be seamed so these seams take to back a more elegant period in tights history. If you are after a longer leg look (who isn't, right?) seamed tights are a great help you get the look you desire.
I’m combining them with classy pair of heels and the key word for this outfit would be Femininity.

3) Dotted or Polka dots tights
Polka dots are commonly seen on children's clothing and Central European folk art but they appear in a wide array of contexts. The black tights and the outfit that I’m showing you serve this trend. I decided to go with more dots and this pair of heels. I found this look kind of romantic, so that’s the key word describing this outfit.

4) Lace Tights
Lace tights give your legs a beautifully feminine vintage look. Again, I’m showing you a model in black with roses. Popular with fans of Victoriana, lace tights go equally well with an elegant ball gown or a mini skirt.
I decided to combined them with these nice black Le Silla heels from my collection.

5) My last option is leopard print tights
I do like animal print tights. They also can be underestimated, but if you manage to combine wisely, they will look stylish. Leopard or generally animal print has become the strongest trend in the recent seasons. I’m not a fashion addict who chase trends you know, but still this print is the top choice if you want to have all eyes on you.

I’m looking forward to be hearing from you what was your favorite style today.

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Keep your standards and your heels high and remember life is short don’t wear boring tights …and heels :)

Till the next week your super fashion and high heels expert #Ellena over the day or #MsKillerHeels over the night.


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Step Shyrokyi : Everything is fine and here are my impressions:
1) Fishnets style looks perfect, but it is not so comfortable to touch the legs with hands and lips. It is quite suitable for cases where the touch of hands and lips to the legs is not provided. ... although now I'm not sure about that ...
2) Classy tights with black seam line are perfect combination of classic and feminine.
3) Dotted or Polka dots tights Polka dots -- can't find another word other than beautiful.
4) Lace Tights I've always liked, but today they turned out to be better than I expected.
5) Leopard or generally animal print is very individual in itself and therefore adds individuality to a woman.
My choice is number two.
It was a wonderful carnival to watch you!
D. S. : 5:15 I like the polka-dots the best! I've never seen leopard print tights before - very interesting! Great set of outfits overall!
Azam Chaudhri : Now I must admit I prefer bare legs with heels but this video really showed how elegantly you can style tights into the outfit with the different styles available complemented by the high heels.
☺️. . Love the glasses you put on too to change things around.
joe woodchuck : I love all of them. Just seeing the expression of women's femininity makes the world a better place!
Roger Soto : Hola hermosa Ellena, de regreso como un gran admirador de tu belleza y tú proyecto. Luces maravillosa en cada una de las opciones

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남대문시장에 아동복 매장을 다녀왔어요~
볼거 많고 살것 많은 남대문시장
빨리크는 아이들에게는 질좋고 저렴한 시장표 의류가 제일인듯 싶어요~ ^^

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